Friday, August 05, 2005

Kline Scores Zero in Helping Minnesota Kids!

The Children's Defense Fund Give Kennedy and Kline scores of ZERO on legislation benefiting kids!

Minnesota Politicians - Report Card

Except for election day, our elected officials don't often get a mid-term report card on their work. That's why the Children's Defense Fund Action Council Congressional Scorecard is so important.

It looks at how politicians vote on children's issues, like pre-school funding, health care, school lunches, and a wide variety of similar issues that can have a dramatic impact on the success or failure of our children's preparation for adulthood.

The Scorecard is also an indication of who influences our elected officials... special interests and corporate interests... or we the PEOPLE... we the VOTERS... we the TAXPAYERS...we the working Minnesota PARENTS.

The State of Minnesota ranked 47th on the list of states, below West Virginia, below Arkansas, even below South Dakota. Remember when Minnesota was a leader in educations and children's programs? In case you need a reminder, that was right before the GOP took control of our state.

Who were the leaders and the losers on children's issues for Minnesota?

The higher the score, the more votes for children's interests... the lower the score, the more votes against children:

92% Senator Mark Dayton (D)
92% Congressman Martin Sabo (D)
92% Congresswoman Betty McCullom (D)
85% Congressman James Oberstar (D)
46% Congressman Collin Peterson (D)
38% Senator Norm Coleman (R)
23% Congressman Jim Ramstad (R)
0% Congressman Mark Kennedy (R)
0% Congressman John Kline (R)
0% Congressman Gil Gutneckt (R)

For more information see the Children's Defense Fund website at

Kline gets failing grades in looking out for the interests and welfare of our Minnesota children! Now it's time for us to flunk Kline out of congress.


bakedpotato said...

Actually we ranked 22nd, at 47%.

jmjm said...

Well okay...that would be the state of Minnesota's ranking...better than a Zero (which is Kline's) but still a failing grade. Really, no bragging rights at 47%.