Thursday, August 11, 2005

70 Year Old Successful Program Endangered by Rep. Kline

This weekend marks the 70th anniversity of Social Security, a great American accomplishment. It has allowed millions of Americans to retire in dignity, not poverty. About 159 million workers are earning Social Security protection, and about 48 million people receive retirement, survivors and disability benefits from Social Security.

The current Bush administration is trying to endanger if not totally dismantle Social Security. Retirees should receive the benefits they were promised. And they should recieve social security without heaping trillions onto our national debt or trying their retirements to the ups and DOWNS of wall street.

Our representatives should fight for genuine pension reform that protects working families from future abuse. A representative to work on new ways to help hard-working Americans create retirement savings and stand up to those special interests that want to gut the program for a quick profit. Unfortunately,our Representative John Kline won't be working to ensure our retirement. As a lapdog to the Bush Administration, 95% of the time with Bush!, John Kline will be voting to eliminate social security.

Want proof of John Kline's Social Security flip flop to 'stay the course' with those extremist wanting to dismantle social security? It was caught on tape!

Standing on both sides of the fence?
Flip: 2002 Ad "John Kline will protect Social Security. No cuts in benefits. No change in the retirement age, period."

Flop: 2004 "I very much agree that for young workers, some system of personal accounts, so they can build a personal nest egg, is a central component to make sure that Social Security is there for our kids and grandparents,"

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