Friday, August 26, 2005

John Kline Dodges Debate

Friday at WCCO-AM's State Fair booth, Congressional Candidate Coleen Rowley had just finished a one hour interview with Jack Rice. Jack's next guest was Rep. John Kline. Rowley reached over the booth's railing to Rep. Kline and asked him if he'd like to debate right now on WCCO. The Representative quickly DeKlined Rowley's request, saying "wait until you're the nominee". Rowley then pointed out it was to Kline's advantage to debate her now before she finished reading up on all the issues. Kline just shook his head and walked away.

On the show, Kline fessed up that the Bush administration had made several tactical and strategic errors in Iraq (such as giving Iraqis weapons and not really training them). But he said that doesn't matter now because we're in Iraq and we need to "support the troops". He also DeKlined to say the U.S. should send more troops to secure the country... even after Jack Rice pointed out that as soon as the U.S. moves troops into an area, the enemy just moves someplace else. Kline said the U.S. Military is killing large numbers of the enemy, it just doesn't get reported in the media. He also denied that the U.S. invasion of Iraq is helping recruit more terrorists. Jack Rice, who is a former CIA agent, was pretty skeptical of that statement.

So John Kline admits the Bush administration which he supports 98% of the time with his votes has messed things up, but shouldn't do anything different now to get us out of this mess.

What do psychiatrists call it when you keep doing the same thing, but somehow expecting a different result? Insanity!

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