Thursday, August 23, 2012

Kline Is A Leader In 112th Do-Nothing Congress!

This is the least productive Congress ever according to USA Today...and Kline is one of it's leaders!

'Do Nothing'  Congress with John Kline

Since the GOP has gained back House majority in 2010, the 112th Congress has adopted the logo of 'Do Nothing' and 'Obstruct' using Kline's personal mantra of let's  'Roll Back'....from education, to health care, to minimum wage...Kline would rather see no progress than reach across the aisle and work with Democratic colleagues...

According to a USA Today analysis of records since 1947 kept by the US House Clerk's office, the lowest number of laws to date has come out of the 2012 congress....just 61 bills. This combined with Congress's historically low approval rating of 10 percent (Gallup poll) shows that the 112th Congress covering 2011-12 is the least productive since WW ll....

As John Kline votes 97.7% with the GOP  preferring to focus on party needs over national well being while he holds a leadership position in chairing the powerful Education and Workforce Committee; We can only assume Kline is in major part to blame for the 'Do Nothing' Congress! With economic issues, several wars, and infrastructure needs, Kline has set up roadblocks rather than work across the aisle with Democrats to find common ground and solutions.

The Democratic Congress of 2007-09 was able demonstrated their ability and willingness to work with President Bush (R). Working together, by the end of 2008, President Bush signed 460 laws passed by the Democratic Congress moving America needs forward...unfortunately with the current GOP leadership including John Kline, this Congress plays partisan games of obstruction over addressing the serious issues facing our nation.

It doesn't have to work this way....there is an alternative to Kline's inability to lead and put America first in Congress...his name is Mike OBERMUELLER!

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