Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Rep. John Kline, Host Of Partisan Games

Republican Congressman John Kline (MN-02) is shrilling for a new partisan game show called  "You Cut."  Briefly, five items are listed that Republicans like Congressman Kline promise to bring 'the winning item' to the floor for an up or down vote in a drive to reduce spending and bring the deficit down. That said, this is unfortunately just another gimmick intended solely as a partisan political game we've become so accustomed from Congressman Kline.

Instead of getting a professional representative, CD2 voters now have Rep. John Kline, the game show host of the 'You Cut' project. While Rep. Kline touts the event as 'listening to the people of his district' and voting accordingly, the exploitation of the 'You Cut' project belies that effort. The five items listed weren't chosen by the  people in his district, instead they were picked by the GOP leadership as programs THEY want to get rid of...any one of the five would be welcomed by them. This is a win-win GOP game.

If Rep. John Kline was really interested in listening to the people of his district (including the majority which is made up of Democrats and Independents) then the issues on the table should have come from us. Like how about a Congressional benefits and pay decrease? Fair taxes? Campaign finance reform? Lobbyist influences? War Funding? But no, the game has been fixed so that the outcome is one only benefiting the GOP leadership!

This is just another gimmick meant to intentionally polarize the elective base, while promoting a GOP agenda under the guise of everyone having a 'chance' to participate! Next thing you know, if you believe that John Kline will have a bridge he'd like to sell you along with some swampland in Florida!

If in fact Kline was doing his JOB, instead of spending his time as a partisan game show host, he would have spent the last 10 years in office actually bringing real cuts to the floor instead of the excessively wasteful spending he's voted for and supported including this gimmick!

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