Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Message to Congressman Kline: NO Is Not A Solution!

The Party of NO!
For the past year, Congressman John Kline’s critiques of President Obama’s health care plan has centered on issues such as “death panels,” coverage of illegal immigrants, subsidies for abortion, and proposed Medicare cuts. Taken together, these criticisms have helped to build some opposition to Democratic initiatives, but they have done nothing to advance any alternative vision for reforming the health care system. In a nutshell, that is what’s wrong with John Kline stance on issues. He can go on for hours being reactionary and sprouting off on what’s wrong with health care reform (or minimum wage, or labor organizing, or public schools, or civil rights …) but offers no real alternatives, changes  or solutions. Instead of offering constituents leadership with solutions, Congressman John Kline throws the health care bill to the floor like petulant child while screaming NO!

The Party of No Solutions!
In 1994 the GOP defeated President Clinton’s health care proposal and took back congress, only to spend the next 15 years with no resolve to the health care crisis facing our country. While in power the GOP has done nothing to help families and businesses get a hold of health care costs and bring them down. Instead of reform, the GOP along with Kline have screamed ‘death panels’ and plotted challenges against anyone who would even consider saying anything but NO to health care reform or changes. That 'NO' is their same message today.

The Party of ‘R’s (Repeal, Reactionary, Reject)
John Kline would have us believe that the broken health care system that Americans struggled with for the last decade is better than the current reforms . Like Sarah Palin, Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck and Joe Wilson, Congressman Kline offers only a reactionary rhetoric of 'NO' fueled with imaginary fears of the sky falling. Kline has rejected change, wants to repeal reforms and would have us believe partisan ideological hacks that only sprout 'NO'. The ‘real fears’ Americans have is with our Health Care crisis instead of the current mumble jumble of fears compiled by conspiracy tea baggers.

The Party of More NOs!
Kline had the opportunity to participate in the health care reform bill and shape the bill with real bipartisanship leadership but instead he continues the monologue of ‘NO’. If John Kline thinks that offering more of the same nothing is acceptable then he’s out of touch with the average American. Families and businesses want solutions over roadblocks, made up fears, and slogans of ‘NO’.

NO is not a solution!

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Minnesota Central said...

NO is an accurate description for Mr. Kline … as in Neo-Con Obstructionist.
The Republicans did offer a plan …. But the Democrats made a mistake by not giving it the publicity it should have … for example, are “pre-existing conditions a concern?” … well, according to the Boehner’s bill, they would authorize a “study” to find if that is a problem … we did not need a study, we know that it is a problem … but the Republican’s plan was strictly Obstruction.

Ask parents whose kids just graduated from school, if they think it is a good idea that their children can stay on the parents health insurance policy until age 26 … while they look for a job ? Read the Boehner bill and tell me where you find that ?

Ask seniors who just are faced with the “donut hole” in Medicare Part-D prescription drug program, if they like changes ? Read the Boehner bill and tell me where you find that? Or how about the 50% price improvement in name brand drugs ?

Of course, you would also have to ask if the 10% “Tanning” tax is in the Boehner bill … naw, don’t bother … it’s not.

But when the Republicans say “Repeal and Replace” who will win … or is “Repeal and Lose” ?