Monday, June 28, 2010

John Kline Is Feeding At The Trough!

Congressman John Kline is not a fiscal conservative. Conservatives wouldn’t continue to borrow against, and add to the United States deficit, especially for funding their own private partisan agenda. Yet John Kline continues to 'feed at the trough' of government waste for his own altruistic motivation.

Would a Conservative....


John Kline has been in office for eight years with all the responsibility and authority that comes with his position. He would like us to believe he is all about stopping wasteful government spending but in fact, he’s part of that problem. While Kline has been asking us to prepare for the coming economic downturn, he hasn't bother to tighten his own belt...just ours. The message is clear, Kline can't walk his own talk when it comes to being a fiscal conservative.

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