Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Rep. Kline and The Party of NO

While President Obama's characterizes of Republicans as "the party of no", we in Minnesota have learned that the 'party of no mascot' is Rep. John Kline. His voting record alone shows Kline's inability to work across party lines. So it comes as not surprise when suddenly the Rushpublican'ts decide to 'rebrand' their tarnished and whacked image.

Take note when they say "The Republican congressional leadership is also slated to travel the country and attend town-hall meetings as part of the new effort".

Does that mean we'll see John Kline in another town meeting. That would bring his attendance up to....let's see...ah yeah....two!

If this was a serious attempt then Rep. John Kline would meet with the voters in open public forums instead of controlled screened telephone meetings (which as far as I can tell has happen only once!)

Additionally, John Kline would have a voting record the shows his genuine support of long-term solutions to current problems instead of long-term complaining, partisan obstructionism and finger pointing. As an example look at his vote record from just last week where Kline voted NO on each of the following bill that passed:

Congressional Budget for Fiscal Year 2010 - Vote Passed (233-193, 7 Not Voting) The House passed the conference report for the 2010 fiscal year budget resolution.

Local Law Enforcement Hate Crimes Prevention Act - Vote Passed (249-175, 10 Not Voting)The House approved this bill that would provide local jurisdictions with funds to prosecute hate crimes.

Credit Cardholders' Bill of Rights Act of 2009 - Vote Passed (357-70, 7 Not Voting)The House passed this bill that intends to place new restrictions on credit card companies.

The Party of No and it's mascot John Kline can try and rebrand themselves is like putting lipstick on the pig...but it's still a pig...


Minnesota Central said...

Do you know who Congressman Kline met --- was it Norwood-Young America Chamber of Commerce, Minnesota Business Aviation Association,
Cannon Falls Chamber of Commerce, Lockheed Martin, and Red Wing Chamber of Commerce ? Jeez, I wonder if any of these groups endorsed Congressman Kline in his previous elections.

In fairness, Congressman Kline did get outside the Business Community to met with 19 Mayors from the Second District. Dave Minderman makes some great points on MNPact, but I have a concern that Kline’s email may be … shall we say … misleading. Kline describes a “One mayor of a rural community shared a story of how his community received a transit bus without asking for one. The mayor said his community didn’t request a bus, nor did they need a bus. But the federal government intentionally shipped them a transit bus, anyhow, through the federal stimulus.

Without details it appears that Congressman Kline is blasting the President’s program for partisan purposes. President Obama signed the legislation on February 19th and somehow a Mayor has already received a bus that was never requested ? ? ?

Why did the city mayor not want the bus ?
It was my impression that federal grants are typically used to fund the acquisition of new/replacement buses … a city may pay 20% with the Federal government picking up the remaining. As such, could a Mayor be reluctant to spend city funds when Governor Pawlenty may be cutting the LGA (even more than he has already?)
Also, it was my impression that the American Recovery and Investment Act of 2009 was focused on “shovel ready” projects such that those cities that had been waiting years to obtain funding would be granted. The impression from the Mayor and Congressman Kline is that a city is being forced to take a bus that does not want it … that seems odd … unless the mayor is new or opposed it in the past.
Has Congressman Kline and the Mayor contacted Commissioner Tom Hanson of the Minnesota Management & Budget whose stated goal is to maximizing the economic benefits of the federal stimulus package by quickly identifying and investing in quality projects that are ready to go ?
According to the MNDOT, the transit funding for buses that are designated for the Second District is relatively small. The City of Fairbault is scheduled to get a Class 400 bus at a cost of $64,000; a bus for Fairbault County ($64,000); the City of Le Sueur ($64,000) and a bus for Cedar Valley Services which I would not describe as a rural area ($64,000).

If anything, the Second District will once again be “short changed” as even Congresswoman Bachmann’s Sixth District appears to be getting more buses.

Captain said...

Oh - I get it's the credit card companies fault that people can't manage their money. I don't know, but maybe the libtards who don't know how to manage it should think twice before SIGNING UP for the credit card. It's not like they are forced to used them. This is THEIR CHOICE to use them and somehow it's the CC company's fault?


You libtards crack me up...