Friday, May 01, 2009

Kline Sides With Loan Sharks Over Middle Class

The DCCC is targeting House Republicans who voted against the credit card reform bill --sending out a raft of press releases to local media saying that the reps "voted to protect big credit card companies at the expense of responsible consumers who play by the rules.”

John Kline voted NO on credit card reform bill. When asked for a comment by reporter Kevin Diaz," Kline's office declined to comment on the DCCC attack” (wow guess the honeymoon between them is over! Wonder if the *cough* independent voice *cough* of Laura Adelmann has aced Diaz out of his stenographer job with Kline)

The bill was portrayed as a way to help consumers level the playing field against banks. The legislation won broad bipartisan support in the House, with 105 Republicans, including freshman Minnesota Rep. Erik Paulsen, joining 252 Democrats in support. Two Minnesotans voted against the bill: Republicans John (The Party of NO) Kline and Michele (Democrats caused Swine Flu) Bachmann.

Kline continues to support the unscrupulous banking industry practices of credit card lending that victimize the working middle class and poor. His NO vote on the credit card legislation shows us:
1. John Kline is not willing or able to work along non-partisan lines.
2. John Kline is a 'tool' of the banking industry, at the expense of his constituents.

Rep. John Kline decided (sigh) once again to stick it to the people while protecting banking corporations that charge upward of 30% interest rates. The average credit card debt in America according to the Federal Reserve is $7,300 and many of these debts carry retroactive interest rate increases, hidden fees, come-ons to minors and young adults, and short term teaser rates with murky terms of use. In short, banks many times are offering credit cards loans that would rival any street loan shark. This bill eliminates such practices that seek to victimize the working class...but Kline sided with the loan surprise there!


Natalia said...

Have you seen where Kline's campaign contributions come from? Lots of banking and credit related PACs are funding him. I just can't believe that I have this bozo for MY congressman. Keep on blogging!

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