Thursday, June 19, 2008

Kline Should Be In Jail

You know several people should be sitting in jail for this:

"In fiscal year 2005, federal earmarks directed to Minnesota totaled less than $4.54 billion – well below the national average. The United States’ entire estimated spending in Iraq through 2008 is $1.3 trillion – 28 times the amount of federal earmarks in all 50 states. And according to a BBC investigation, a staggering 17 percent ($23 billion) of Iraq expenditures are estimated to have been lost, stolen or not properly accounted for. "

As it was on John Kline's watch...and remember John Kline is heading up the camp of arrogant swines that brag about not seeking earmarks for Minnesota projects while being the head cheerleader for wasteful spending in Iraq...he should be sitting in jail.

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