Friday, June 20, 2008

John Kline Hosting 'The Grand Oil Party'

Rep. John Kline has accepted almost $100,000 from Oil Companies. So no surprise that 91% of Rep. John Kline votes supports the Oil Industry. While the biggest oil companies make $1oo billion plus in profits each year, Kline continues to support legislation that waives billions in royalties over the next several years #84, 2/27/08 . John Kline even voted against renewable energy credits and for protecting special tax breaks for big oil.

But not content to just support Big Oil, John has continue to vote against measures that would enable Minnesota's to save money and reduce dependency on foreign Oil.
Kline voted against the Energy Independence and Security Act, designed to save consumers $1,000 a year at the pump. It is also expected to cut demand for oil by two million barrels a day by 2030. [Vote #1177, 12/18/07; Reuters, 12/18/07; Vote #1140, 12/6/07], Kline has voted against measures to crack down on price gouging and giving the Federal Trade Commission more authority to investigate and prosecute predatory pricing, price gouging and market manipulation.
Next time you fill up your gas tank, ask yourself, can Minnesotans continue to afford John Kline and his Big Oil votes?

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