Wednesday, July 18, 2007

John Kline Honors His Replacement!

As Rep. John Kline had the privilege of greeting and honoring the returning members of the 1st BCT last Friday at Fort McCoy, how ironic he may have also been welcoming his replacement! Steve Sarvi is creating quite the buzz among CD2 Democrats and while he hasn't officially announced, my sources tell me this is all but a done deal.

Having had the chance to meet with his father, Al Sarvi, and find out his son's background and experience, I can only say 'wow'. Kline will have a fight on his hand in the coming months with this Walz-like, hopefully soon-to-be candidate.

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Shazam McShotgunstein said...

Sarvi looks promising. This could get really interesting soon.

I don't know if you have read today's Washington Post op-ed yet, but it has an amazing op-ed by two former Reagan officials pouring out the wrath of God on Bush for betraying American principles.

What this has to do with John Kline: one of them was the commandant of the Marine Corps under Reagan. Kline, as he loves to remind us, was an aide to Reagan as a Marine colonel. Kline must be familiar with the Commandant under whom he served.

So the question for Kline is: do you think your hero Reagan's Marine Commandant has a point? Or are you going to keep supporting Bush in what your former superior officer, appointed Commandant under Reagan, has declared to be potential war crimes?