Friday, June 08, 2007

John Kline Parroting Bush

Posturing and obfuscation are tools of the trade for most Republicans and Congressman John Kline is no exception. No one is surprised when Kline parrots the lies talking points of the Bush administration like: 'We need to fight them over there', 'Saddam Hussein has WMD', blah, blah blah ..

Kline continues to ignore the facts 'on the ground' and continues to pursue the Bush lies bad intelligence myths. John Kline is nothing more than a 'talking head parrot' for Bush. Instead of solid leadership based in reality with supporting facts, John Kline has opted for bullying machismo based on Bush's personal destructive agenda (an of course...faulty intelligence!). al Qaeda has become even a greater force in Iraq with Kline's support of Bush's war...especially since toppling Hussein.

Is it any wonder that so many of the remaining people who call themselves Republicans are the looney right-wing fringe 'Terri Schiavo' Republicans like John Kline?

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