Monday, June 18, 2007

A Day On The Hill With Partisan Kline

Republican Congressman John Kline from Minnesota had a busy day on Friday, June 16, 2007….a busy partisan day that included supporting amendments from the following five Republicans and voting against the lone democratic amendment...

  • Rogers of Kentucky
No congressman has single-handedly put America at greater risk than Rogers. As chairman of the House Subcommittee on Homeland Security, he has placed the interests of his own district ahead of defending the nation from Al Qaeda, prompting even the archconservative National Review to call him a "congressional disgrace."
  • Musgrave of Colorado

Musgrave has made regulating the bedroom behavior of her fellow Americans the focus of her entire career. An evangelical Christian who married her Bible-camp sweetheart, Musgrave does not believe in the separation of church and state. Her three years running KKK endorsement says it all.

  • Garrett of New Jersey

Rep. Scott Garrett (NJ-5) claims to be a mainstream Republican. But on the record, he is one of the most radical of the right-wing zealots in the U.S. House of Representatives. Scott Garrett is the Christian Coalition’s poster-boy in New Jersey. Garrett has voted against the entire New Jersey Congressional delegation - Republicans and Democrats - an astounding 43 times! His positions are so extreme that he doesn't publish his votes on his own website

  • Moran of Kansas

From GOP auction house: Rep. Moran voted against cracking down on the oil and gas industries price gouging. Rep. Moran voted for the GOP energy bill that gave billions to oil, gas and nuclear industries. Big oil and gas industries have given Rep. Moran $167,495. Any surprise?

  • Price of Georgia

Used Veterans as a cover story to duck out of a debate

  • Hayes of North Carolina

While in office there have been 30,000 jobs lost in his state.

Kline voted against Blumenauer of Oregon...a Democrat...

Next time Kline tells you he's bi-partisan centralist, ask him for the facts:

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