Friday, February 23, 2007

Kline's Looming Looney Crisis

Congressman John Kline was speaking the truth when he calls the entitlement crisis created by him while in office…looney!

Entitlement...ya you betcha...Kline invented the entitlements that are driving America towards bankruptcy...but don't take my words for it...take his:

“We are in a looney entitlement crisis in this country. The operating deficit we have now, is a small part of the bankruptcy to come."

When Bush went into office there was a budget surplus from the Clinton years…that quickly was eroded and replaced with the largest deficit in U.S. history (8.7 Trillion!)…

All this was done under Bush and Kline's looney entitlement crisis of giving megabucks no-bid contracts to big corporations, having no oversight on their spending , borrowing more foriegn money than all the combined Presidential administrations, and because they cut taxes for the very wealthiest in America while slashing programs for our returning veterans, seniors and children.

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