Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Kline Still Refuses To Hear Consituents

Only one Minnesota Congressional Congressman decided to boot members of a peace group from his Minnesota office. (hint: it's the same one who's staff pretended to closed his office rather than meet with consituents last year and has refused to open discussion within his congressional district!). To find out more visit Inside Minnesota Politics or listen to their podcast.

Twin Cities Peace Campaign organizer, Marie Braun, tells us the sit-ins have been going without any problems with one notable exception. (As this podcast was published she had yet to hear from CD 6- Rep. Michelle Bachmann's office)Representative John Kline's staff booted the group from its Burnsville office after an hour. Kline's office had called police even before the group arrived. Kline spokesperson Mike Osskopp (who has been featured here before on video shouting racial slurs) met with the group of about 17 CD 2 residents for about an hour. He abruptly ended the meeting when the group gave him a petition asking Congressman Kline to hold a town hall meeting on Iraq and potential military action against Iraq.

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