Thursday, January 11, 2007

Kline's Blind Leadership

John Kline doesn't see a lot of things...

  • Kline fails to even see a poor working class…so he voted against a minimum wage hike…and why not, he’s gotten a raise every year since being in office (although the GOP did try and hide last year’s pay hike.) Well I guess the poor must suffer for Kline’s Iraq War and someone has to pay for Kline’s yearly increase…

  • Kline failed to notice the Abu Ghraib torture or prisioner abuse even though he was pretty much there in the area when the abuses were going on…at tax payers expense.

    The only thing he mentioned is how great things are going in Iraq…Naturally, it’s so great we’re sending in more troops to enjoy a scenic tour?! For the next two years (at least) the chance of the war expanding to include Iran is growing. For some like Kline it’s the best way out of defeat - muddy the waters through expansion of the war.

  • Kline didn’t notice that there were no WMD and voted to go to war. He’s a general so of course he’ll vote for war…over and over and over and over the last four years and now he’s standing behind Bush’s surge (escalation) of troops into the quagmire Vietnam-like Iraq War. More manpower won’t improve a poor decision. It will just cost taxpayers more

Kline should think about looking around instead of having a myopic leadership vision.

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