Saturday, January 20, 2007

Ethics Not On Kline's Radar

Despite the lack of any substantial information, you can really learn a lot about Congressman John Kline by visiting his website. What's telling is the way he has set up his constituent email area. In it, Kline asks you to choose from a pull down menu of topics to categorize your email. Topics include "Crime", "Guns" "Welfare" "Defense/Military" and so on. There are 41 topics in all. Not at all an exhaustive list of issues that come up in Congress, but one can assume these are the issues Congressman Kline thinks are important or are "hot buttons"

Missing from the list:
Ethics -- I guess that's not an issue for a Congressman who takes a lot of money from oil interests when there isn't a single oil well in his district. It's a coincidence that Kline voted against the ethics bill.

Take a look at the list yourself. What else is missing? Post your comments.

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Chris Truscott said...

At least the War on Terror and the War in Iraq are listed as the separate issues they are.

I like "judicial" and "nominations" since the only office the House is responsible for confirming is the vice presidency in the event a new VP needs to be selected.