Saturday, September 17, 2005

Kline wants your children to pay for Katrina

President Bush says the federal government will spend hundreds of Billions of dollars to rebuild New Orleans from hurricane Katrina. Where will that money come from? Congressman John Kline wants your children to pay for it. He's for running up an even bigger deficit.

Kline told the Star Tribune:
additional deficit spending is unavoidable, "making it all the more critical to continue the pro-growth policies which have resulted in the nearly $100 billion reduction in the federal deficit over the past year."

Of course that "deficit reduction" is mostly smoke and mirrors since it doesn't take into account the continuing cost of keeping U.S. troops in Iraq.

When you spend money you have three choices. You can pay me now. You can pay me later (plus interest) or you can go bankrupt.

Our Federal government really doesn't have the bankruptcy option, so by continuing deficit spending, John Kline is putting off paying the bill. And when that debt (and the accumulated interest) comes due, the ones who will pay will be the next generation.

We need a responsible Representitive in Congress. Not one that shirks responsibility.

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