Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Kline and other "Bush cheerleaders" at fault in New Orleans

Ill-advised federal policies exacerbated storm's effects
From the St. Paul Pioneer Press editorial page

Politicians like Sen. Norm Coleman and Rep. John Kline, who have been President Bush's supporters and cheerleaders, should take a look at where the policies of the far right have led us. The pattern of warped priorities, short-sighted decisions and inept management that have characterized the Bush administration are now on full display in New Orleans and the Gulf states.

This president, who so loudly touts "homeland security," slashed millions of dollars from New Orleans levee rebuilding projects, sent 35 percent of Louisiana's National Guard to Iraq and was numbingly slow in his response to the unfolding tragedy after Katrina struck. The people of New Orleans and the Gulf Coast are the latest victims of Team Bush. Who's next?


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