Thursday, January 20, 2011

John Kline Paid To Pick HCR Side!

Health care special interests and lobbyist have invested millions in the campaigns of House and Senate leaders, chairs and ranking members of committees with primary jurisdiction over health care legislation. Minnesota's Second Congressional District Congressman John Kline is among those who has benefited from their money. CREW's (Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics) data shows that John Kline has received at least $197,250 from Health Care special interests and lobbyists.

Since the Republicans have been in office, on average, they spend almost half their time trying to pass bills directly related to either repealing all or some of the Affordable Care Act or defunding it so it will fail. While Kline states the HCR is full of backroom deals and that 'the people' are 'imploring us to start over" would more accurate if Kline said: 'the people who are lobbyist, special interests and insiders don't want reform and are paying me to change things back before reform '.

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