Friday, May 28, 2010

In Kline's Own Words, He's Guilty of Dereliction of Duty

Minnesota Congressman John Kline in remarks delivered to his colleagues in the U.S. House of Representatives said 'Congress is guilty of Dereliction of Duty'....I couldn't make this stuff up folks and couldn't agree more in regards to John Kline! John Kline, an eight year member of Congress, says "It is a dereliction of public duty for this Congress to deliberately fail to pass a budget".

So when can we expect Congressman Kline who has repeatedly failed to meet the duties of office and provide for the citizens of CD2 to resign? Hopefully soon.

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Minnesota Central said...

Mr. Kline has a point that budgets have not been approved in a timely manner. Since 2000, Congress has only passed a concurrent budget resolution (a budget resolution passed by both houses) once during an election year … 2008. That’s the budget resolution … not the actual budget …. which historically has been completed late. Last year, Congress passed the final appropriations bill in late December, almost two months after the fiscal year started.

However, Mr. Kline may be a little early in pushing the “failed” button. According to the Congressional Budget Act of 1974, which dictates the steps of the budget process, the House may begin considering appropriations bills after May 15 … so to give it two weeks is a little quick to declare failure.

Appropriations committees often begin reporting out bills by mid-June.
It should be noted that Mr. Kline’s House Armed Services Committee and the whole House approved the Defense budget on Friday … that was despite Ms. Bachmann’s last minute motion to stop it (Don’t Ask me why as I Don’t Tell). There are signficant differences between the House approved budget and the Senate’s working budget as well as the Obama Administration proposal … so there will be a conference committee.
But at least that is one committee that got its work done timely … although Obama should veto the House bill as it contains too many Republican added programs that the Pentagon does not want … but Boeing and GE do.

Mr. Kline could have shown some leadership and demand that the House forego the week-long Memorial Day recess, then there will be July 4th parades that will consume another week, summer recess erases most of August and half of September, and Congressional leadership will want to adjourn in early October for campaigning.

Remember in 2008, when Mr. Kline and other Republicans held their “Drill, baby, Drill” talking sessions in DC during the August recess … well Mr. Kline how about holding “Budget, baby, Budget” sessions this August. Naw, he won’t be there.