Friday, January 22, 2010

Kline Endorses Deceitful Behavior Of Mike Parry

Kline endorses Mike Parry in the Senate special election in MN Senate District 23? What’s not to understand…
Congressman Kline apparently thinks it’s okay to refer to Obama as a “"Power Hungry Arrogant Black Man” and hoping the kids aren’t tainted by the President of the United State! Both John Kline and Mike Parry share the same extreme ideology of being bigoted, racist, anti-gay, ignorant of facts, and then willing to cover up and lie when confronted with the facts. While Parry's postings and scrubbing of posts with offensive materials on his twitter account bothers many of the voters, apparently Kline is fine with the less than professional behavior.
Kline and Parry seem to use the same paranoid behavior to drive their ideology, so no surprise that Kline would endorse Parry.

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