Thursday, April 02, 2009

Kline Sides With Outsiders Against Minnesota's Voters

Why does Congressman Kline continue to side with those from outside the state that want to block voter's wishes and keep Minnesotan's from having adequate representation in the U.S. Senate?

GOP operatives outside Minnesota and John Kline are encouraging Coleman to be as litigious as possible in taking his losing fight all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court, even though they know he has no chance of winning! This continues to deny Democrats the 59th Senate seat that Franken would represent while also ignores the democratic process used in elections. To them it's just partisan game to deny voters and further thier ideology at Minnesotans expense.

“I hope the governor, and I expect he will, will do the right thing. The right thing is to get this through the courts and get a definitive answer. I’m sure the governor is as concerned as I am that this process has got so many discrepancies and disparities in it that it needs to go through the courts and be resolved.”

Kline knows there was an election and recount. There was a 3 judge panel that looked at the recount to make sure it was fair and followed the law. There were republicans on the panels, so what discrepancies and disparities is Kline referring to? The process was fair to both, translucent, open, and done according to law.

Someone should point out to John Kline that the United States Constitution guaranteed two senators for the state of Minnesota. That is what really is at stake here...constitutional rights verses GOP ideology's abuse of a process that allows for never ending lawsuits. John Kline's hatred of democracy and partisan obstructionism is really something to behold...

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