Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Will Kline Back Ethics Reform?

Common Cause with your help is turning up the heat on members of Congress who are refusing to confront the ethics crisis. Today their full page ad (see pic) is running in Roll Call -- the must-read newspaper of Capitol Hill.

Under the current rules, only a member of Congress can file an ethics complaint against another member. That system is clearly broken: there are at least a dozen members of Congress or staff who are under federal investigation, indicted, convicted or serving prison sentences, while the Ethics Committee stays practically silent. It's time for a change – time for an independent panel to oversee congressional ethics.

Please call Rep. John Kline today at (202) 225-2271 and let him know that you expect him to support strong ethics enforcement in the form of House Resolution 895. Afterall, Kline has nothing to hide...or does he?

It's critically important that there be an independent Office of Congressional Ethics with the power to file, investigate and judge ethics complaints. Time is short – please call Rep. Kline today at (202) 225-2271.

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