Thursday, October 20, 2005

Kline: Profit and Pollution over American Safety and Security!

Just two months ago, John Kline voted yes to pass a dirty, dangerous energy bill that did nothing to help consumers at the pump but did help increase profits for big oil companies with record earnings. Now, under the guise of hurricane relief, Congress compiled and passed an industry-wish list of environmental rollbacks to key Clean Air Act protections in the guise of a new energy bill..and John Kline voted YES for this bill at the risk of our safety and security to enable oil companies even larger profits!

The legislation does nothing to solve our energy problems or help consumers cope with rising energy costs. Even its name ‘Gasoline for America’s Security’ should be changed to reflect what it’s really about ‘Profits for Corporations, Pollution for Americans’. It doesn’t reduce gas prices or increase energy security.

For communities across the country, the consequences will be devastating: millions of additional tons of air pollution and thus more heart attacks, lung cancers, asthma attacks, and premature deaths.

The bill also contains new handouts to the oil industry, even as oil companies are reporting record profits, and actually weakens enforcement provisions of the Federal Trade Commission Act by limiting penalties for price gouging.

In a time of crisis, American families should be protected, not exploited and exposed to further risks. John Kline doesn’t want to protect Americans and their families... instead Kline voted to increase air pollution and give handouts to rich oil companies. Isn't it time we kick John out and vote someone in who will represent Ameicans over profit rich corporations?

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